Aliprantis Recording

The picture on the left has Certification plaques from New England Digital, along with yet another gold reel award from one of Big Daddy Kane's recordings, and the infamous Church Gig of 1986 featuring the Synclavier Digital D'Aquisto Guitar. The room is Syn-Aud-Con Certified, which means it was properly tuned and tested. There are no sound impurities, that can be present in non certified control rooms. We have a Certified LEDE' Control Room. See picture below of the certification.

This picture is myself and the owner after an extensive salsa gig. Its hard to believe that we look so alive and kickin at five in the morning. It just goes to show how far we can go to satisfy clients.

This is a 32 Track room with three Tascam DA-88's, a Mackie Designs 32 x 8 mixing console, Mega Mix Automation System, one live room, and one iso booth. There are no compromises when its comes to the quality of the gear in this room, as you can see.

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