Rare Guitars of the Wrld


A New York City based Cable TV Show with a
Picture Gallery Featuring The Rarest Hand made
1 of a Kind Guitar Created by James L. D'Aquisto !

The Synclavier Digital D'Aquisto Solid Body Electric Guitar, is the only one of its kind in the world. Introducing James L. D'Aquisto II modeling his father's rarest guitar of all time. Also for "Rare Guitars of the World" the TV. Show, introducing Mr. Anthony Aliprantis displaying this fine piece of workmanship. It was made in 1986 by D'Aquisto and designed around a solid body electric with a real thin neck, thinner than all the other solid bodies made. What mainly sets it aside from the rest, is the extension of wood that harnesses the Synclavier push-button panel on the body, and a midi pickup along with corresponding volume knobs. The tailpiece and bridge are both made of ebony. In mother of pearl on the seventeenth fret is the signed Aliprantis autograph. It has three connectors; a quarter inch jack, a Roland 10-pin Midi connector, and a Guitar to Synclavier Music Computer Interface SCSI connector. Jimmy D'Aquisto said it was the best guitar he ever made, and took him the longest time to make.



Tony could not wait to play it. Me either.

  • Here is a picture of Mr. Aliprantis holding the Black Book that Jimmy D'Aquisto kept his guitar records in. Whenever Mr. D'Aquisto made a guitar he wrote the date of completion, the model of guitar it was, the serial number, the style, and who he made it for.


    Here is a shot taken on the set of the first show. It features two D'Aquisto's played by two awesome players, (from left to right) Joseph Carter II and Peter Rogeine. The one on the left is a 1994 Centura Electric. It is the last guitar that was made with binding, and also the last left-handed guitar D'Aquisto made. The one on the right was one of the first guitars made by D'Aquisto in 1972. It has a plywood body, and was just recently restored by Tom Marcel. You could not tell the age difference between the two guitars. They both looked and sounded marvelous. The second shot is of the Host, Anthony Aliprantis playing his Synclavier Digital D'Aquisto on the set at Time Warner Cable.

    In my ventures as the "Reporter on the Move" for the show, I have come across some remarkable guitars that I had to take pictures of. The next pictures were taken in Bridgeport, Connecticut at a store called Guitars Unlimited. Along with a one of a kind 7 string acoustic, I also found there a Benedetto Cremona, and two Fender D'Aquisto proto-types. Of the two, one was the 1984 proto-type #2 sunburst, and the other, a 1994 proto-type #2 cream. The 1994 proto-types were made in California by Fender Custom Shop USA and James L. D'Aquisto himself. D'Aquisto had hands on in the building of the 1994 proto-types. The 1984 proto-types were made by Fender Custom Shop Japan only. The first shot is of the owner playing his favorite guitar in the store, the 7 string acoustic. Also in the same picture you can see the Benedetto, the Fender D'Aquisto's and various others. The second is of me holding the 1984 Fender D'Aquisto Proto-Type #2 sunburst. I chose to have a picture taken of me with this one because of its age and rareness. It sounded better and looked better. Both of the Fender D'Aquisto's are owned by Dave Comtois of Connecticut, whom I met at the Buffalo Friendship Guitar Show. The third and fourth pictures below are of the Fender D'Aquisto's but the flash did not go off.

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