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Joe Tripodi's 87 Limited T

Racing at Bristol in 1997

1987 Buick Regal Limited -T 3.8 SFI Turbo V-6. 1 of 1035 made. Special ordered in 1986. Delivered in October of 1986. Dark red metallic paint, side marker cornering lights, full chrome, landau top, rustproofed, undercoated, crushed velvet plush interior, drivers 6-way power 40/60 bench seat, power windows, p/locks, p/antenna, and p/trunk. Digital dash, column shift, am/fm stereo cassette, twilight sentenial, rear defogger, tilt leather wrapped steering, air conditioning, cruise control, posi rearend. It is loaded with options.

The car freshly washed and waxed

Best 1/4 Mile ET- 12.294 seconds

Best MPH- 110.17mph

Best 60foot- 1.738 seconds on street tires
Using a stock turbo @ 22PSI boost, stock injectors, modified neck stock intercooler, on a stock unopened motor, and transmission, injecting denatured alcohol through my Dual deadhead kit with open dump exhaust, and utilizing the MaxEffort fully programmable thumbwheel chip!

Race: @23psi boost VP C-16 gas 34* timing.

Street: @21psi boost Sunoco 94 gas with Dual Deahead alcohol kit.

*MaxEffort*- Custom 8 Position Thumbwheel Programmable Digital Fuel Management for Stock Injectors and no MAF screens with the following options: Alcohol injection solenoid enable vs. Spark retard, fuel out, MAF Lock On vs. GPS, timing selections of 18,20,22,24,26,28,34 degrees with full injector pulsewidth.

*Jay Carter*- 94/110 octane chips, adjustable alternator voltage booster, walbro 307 fuel pump.

*Joe Tripodi*- Me :-) Dual Deadhead Methanol/Alcohol Injection Kit.

*ATR*- 7th injector with Lucas 33 pound injector, fuel pump hot wire kit, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, cold air system with 14" K&N air filter, charcoal canister relocation kit, stainless 3" MAF pipe, heavyduty intercooler hoses, 160 degree stainless thermostat, K&N valve cover breathers, magnetic drain plugs, fuel rail T, billet turbo inlet bell, driveshaft safety loop, B&M supercooler, shift kit, air-fuel ratio monitor with Larry Fisher knock detector circuit I built and added into it.

*Torque Tech*- Dynomax superturbo mufflers, Transcrafters 2800 stall red stripe converter.

*Modern Musclecar*- Ported stock turbo elbow, mild steel 3" two piece downpipe, 3" test pipe with dump, Performance Fuel Systems fuel rail pressure gauge.

*Cotton's Performance Center*- Duttweiler Performance 2.5" intercooler neck and adapter hose.

*Kenne Bell*- Adjustable waste gate rod kit, southside lift bars, pinion snubber, urethane end links & sway bar bushings, strut & front body brace kit, diagonal rear seat body brace kit, VDO boost gauge, modified switch panel includes: TCC lock up switch on/off with indicator light (green), hi-lo fan selector, fan on manually, ECM on-off, Alcohol injection on/off indicator light (red).

*Dams by CORY*- Air dam: Driverside opening feeds air filter, and passenger opening feeds cold air to turbo compressor side, center is sealed to intercooler.

*Casper's Electronics Inc.*- Digital dash modification. No more blinking at 85mph.

*TDS Technologies*- Turbo-Link diagnostic program.

*Chu Engineering*- Direct Scan diagnostic program.

*Other*- 140Amp Alternator, no MAF screens, water wetter, taylor spiralpro wound spark plug wires, AC CR43ts plugs, 62mm throttle body, port matched upper plenum, ported wastegate hole to .950, engine tie down strap, Monroe sensi-trac shocks, B.F. Goodrich Comp TA 235-60-15VR rear and 215-65-15HR front tires, TRW variable rate rear coil springs, Lyle Simons A-pillar dual gauge panel, Westburg 2" E.G.T. gauge, stock exhaust Y-pipe with no tailpipes, unplugged EGR valve vacuum line, Raysbestos pro stop brake pads, thermotech wrapped up-pipe and MAF pipe.


My very own

Run more BOOST on pump gas!


Between runs at National Performance Buick day 1997 Canada.

Production codes

AG1, AM6, AT6, AUE, A01, A31, A90, BC1, BF2, BS1, BY1, B34, B35, B48, B51, B85, B93, B94, CD4, C04, C49, C60, C90, C95, D64, D68, D7I, D85, E5Z, FE3, FFL, GMD, GU6, G80, G87, J41, J50, K09, K34, LC2, MW9, MX0, NA5, NP5, NQ5, N33, N89, PDN, QYZ, TT5, T1Y, T47, T63, T82, T87, UA1, UM6, UQ1, U52, U66, U75, VD6, VD7, VK3, V73, WG1, WO5, YR1, YS1, YT1, YT9, Y56, 55A, 6YX, 7YW, 79D, 79I, 79Q, 79T, 79U, 799, 8PZ, 9SJ, J47....

Back side view

Dams by CORYAir dam

Cory air dam first installed

First Annual Buicks at Bristol 1997 car show category winner for Best Turbo Regal Street Machine

Me accepting a trophy for the car show from Jim Hass

Me at the old Bristol Raceway entrance.Me racing a GN at bristol.

Who do you think will get to the other end first?Check out the size of my internet I in the back window.
Check out this race above on video of me racing this GN.

National Performance Buick Day 1997 Superstreet class winner at London Motorsports Speedway Ontario, Canada
(With Jay Carter street chip @ 17 PSI boost)
Consistent runs all day long @ 13.1xx seconds
Me accepting trophy from Ken Seggie.

The final race for first place super street class.Me launching in the final race

Me, Ken and Billy T talking about Billy's .501 reaction time slipWinners of the day. The two race winners are Billy T and myself. Were both wearing purple shirts.

More updates coming soon!

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